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Our company offers the surveillance system design, fire protection, and anti-theft notification system, perimeter protection, and control axes, protection of special materials, control, registration and verification of the vehicle plates in move at border crossing point. The design is done by our specialized designers using professional engi- neering programs.


Implementation of the project is done by two independent work group equipped with all the necessary human and material tools, able to im- plement in time every contract signed with clients. Commissioning and the delivery of the system are done by the engineer-technic company staff, with a two years guarantee for all system.


Company guarantees maintenance and functionality of all the system designed and installed by the company even after the expired date of the guarantee in every time and moment as it is described in the agree- ment with the client.


TIS offers sales of the electronic devices proposing to the clients the best quality and price in the market. Retail trade activity is concentrated in camera surveillance system, fire protection, evacuation system, anti- theft, telephone system, parking system etc. In our store you will find quality and best prices for everyone.

About Us

TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATED SYSTEM L.T.D is much more than a simple supplier. We are a company which intend on building relations that will last and develop in time. Relations that can foster continuous improvement, both for us and for cos- tumers. Over the last years, those who have entrusted us with their project and worked alongside us, they have seen it become reality. The System Integration field is full of competent and reliable suppliers, oriented as we are, towards technological innovation. We are all geared to working with and for our Customers to meet the challenge of integrating technology and environment, exploting the potential of information technology and identifying new processes to improve available services. What really distinguishes Technology Integrated System however is, our corporate culture, which is shared by our whole team. This culture is based on the values of costumer’s centricity and individual involvement in each of our projects, where we set great store by work and people. Whatever your projects may be, these are the values we wish to acomplish to- gether. We will put the technologies we have developed and the experience we have gained at your disposal.

Our Project

Project management can be defined as a way of developing structure in a complex project, where the independent variables of time, cost, resources and human behavior come together. Unlike other company, whose functions and activities are fairly stable, TIS success as a research and development company depends on its ability to effectively up its resources among different project, which will fit into one another as a segment of program, which in turn, will be part of the strategic plan larger scheme of the company‘s vision.

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Our Products


Surveillance camera system in business environments and institutions are made for various reasons, such as remote control of workplace unable to be physically there, controlling the progress of labor, industrial-monitoring because of a dangerous environment work, which may be in the presence of gas or other harmful elements, safe guard of property of various violations, theft, damage, etc. Facilities enabled both for small and large environments.

These kind of systems are ideal for a business or institution. Telephone hybrid enable different ways of communication, creating a closed ring of a telephone number that goes according to customer demand. Also supporting IP telephone, secretary, may be made through the main channel of the network to enable an increase of its capacity

Fire detection with central control system. The false alarms make the fire detection systems insufficient and therefore, your investment will not only be insufficient but would also cause incalculable damage to property and your business. Plant fire detection gives to you the opportunity to minimize damage to property and your business by fire detect and provide an action plan as efficient as for a single environment or a large complex environment divided in several areas. Also can be linked with a number of different devices and sensors based on function and where used. They can be commanded and receive signals remotely.

Access Control Systems are security management systems, to protect property, business or your investments and as such systems must be of a high security. There are systems that enable you to have maximum safety and efficiency in the management of facilities and personnel working in the business premises or your institution. Electronic centrals we offer are completely self supporting: encrypted keypad, intelligent reader Match ™, RL exits states in order to control and monitoring of a high security. These centrals use identical firmware so that extra functions and existing functions have no additional cost. If the later version offers more functions, Firmware substituted without changing the plant, cables or any investment made in this system. Centrals set in the service of our side have a secure locking and alarm sensor.

TIS parking solution is one of the most advanced car park guidance systems of the market. It allows guiding the user directly to a free park spot in an intuitive and fast form, by using ultrasonic sensors with lights indicators and display panels for information for free spaces.Using our solutions, people will get the best when managing their car parks. Therefore you will win a lot of facilities: in time, space and saving.

Flexible Solutions

For a sustainable future

Flexible, Expandable and Afordable Systems

Since the beginning our mission was to sharpen our competitive advantage by drawing on the strengths of a diverse work force in order to enhance innovation, growth and customer satisfaction. Fulfilling the demands of market and customer are the basis for the further positive development of our company. The constant raise of the customer satisfaction is the necessary indicator for this development.

01 SURVEILLACE SYSTEM We are a certified Panasonic Installer. Utilizing the latest in IP Video Camera technology, which allows recording and viewing being performed on your existing data network. This allows you to use your existing investment in your network data wiring

03FIRE ALARM SYSTEM TIS’s Fire Detection System are designed so you can mix-andmatch, to create just the right system for your current requirements - and add more as your facility changes.

02ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM Secure, convenient, flexible and cost effective control for who has access to your building as well as where and when that access is allowed. We offer biometrical and card reader solutions.

04PBX SYSTEM Communication servers used for business should provide solutions to current real world business requirements such as: simplifying and improving communications, lowering costs, improving productivity, etc. We deliver these solutions using the latest technology.

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